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Marching for Justice in Lansing

Last Saturday over a hundred Michigan organizers took to the streets in Lansing to demand basic necessities like water and shelter, and an end to systemic racial violence including police brutality and detainment at borders. Michiganders have a dedicated spirit and deserve to reap the benefits of our labor, but instead, we are forced to work without healthcare in a pandemic, evicted from our homes, left for

years without clean water, and have our lakes

threatened with unsafe pipelines in the name

of corporate profit.

Tenants unions, mutual aid networks, defense committees, socialist organizers, and dozens of advocacy groups showed up to let the residents of Lansing know that we stand by their struggle, united as the people of Michigan. As the march passed through residential areas and city streets, the loud chants and dream beats drew attention as people came out of their homes to watch. The IWW flag stood tall and proud in the crowd, representing the battle for workplace democracy, a difficult but crucial component in building a society that serves the needs of the many, not the wants of the few.

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